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STO Token development agency

We create custom ERC20 tokens that are compatible with Exchanges that support trading of ERC20 based tokens. One of the most popular decentralized exchange script that allows trading of ERC20 tokens was built by us.

STO Whitepaper

The Whitepaper is an extremely crucial document offered by any STO development company before the main STO event. A clear, easy to read STO whitepaper that has all the necessary details that an investor looks for is mandatory to raise funding.

STO Consulting

Our team of STO consultants has worked with major startups to Non-governmental organizations to launch their Initial Coin Offering campaigns. Bringing to table their expertise to help plan your ICO well.

STO Marketing

A heady mix of growth hacks and strategies to reach out to investors form the core part of service offered by the STO marketing agency. Brilliantly curated and highly focused set of marketing activities ensures you make the best out of your first impression.

Create your Security Tokens now! Get Started Right away

Why is BitExchange the best STO development company?

STO Development

BitExchange is powered by a whole team of experienced developers, financial consultants, STO consultants, growth hackers, content creators, illustrators, and filmmakers who have worked with some of the best Ad campaigns for major brands in the consumer goods, architecture and technology space. One of our team members was part of the ad campaign for the leading technology product maker.

BitExchange STO development company takes care of everything end to end required to develop the token, market, launch and manage your ICO.

Create your Security Tokens now! Get Started Right away

Security token offering development

STO Token Development involves the process of creating a token that would be available to sell and list on ERC20 compatible exchanges.

STO Development Secure Token creation - A secure token is created by our Blockchain developer who would create the tokens based on the parameters such as supply, price, a hard cap, and soft cap etc. The tokens would be available on Ethereum blockchain.

STO Development Token branding - A token is a brand by itself, right from brainstorming the name (if you haven't thought of one) to coming up with the logo for it. We've got you covered.

STO Development Smart Contract programming - Using solidity or any other compatible language, our blockchain developer programmatically draft up the Smart Contract.

STO Development Deploying the smart contract and tokens - We deploy the smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain for it to go live.

STO Development Configuring Token distribution - Creating token is one part of the ICO, we configure the channels for you to effortlessly distribute the tokens to users who have purchased your tokens.

STO Development

STO Marketing

Marketing an STO requires a strong strategy that would cut through the rest of the crowd and help you raise funds faster. Our expert growth hackers, content creators, media planners work together to get you the best options possible for your Security token offering.

The process that the STO development company offers involves a Step by Step approach to market your STO

STEP 1: Market study

We do a deep study of your market before setting out to plan your STO. Understanding your business/idea's pain points allows us to address them and clearly steer away from things that don't work for your Niche based on our experience working for different campaigns of various scale. The market study is an essential part of any STO marketing service and allows us to draft up an action plan for you.

STEP 2: Whitepaper Drafting & Executive Pitch deck

The whitepaper essentially determines whether your idea would get funded or not. A whitepaper that gives attention to detail in terms of including overheads, providing a deeper insight into the business model, realistic projects and most importantly explaining what your idea is in a very fundamental way that is easy to understand by anyone is what most investors look for and so do the general public who would like to invest in your idea. If they don't understand what it is, they won't invest. We drill down to the last level and explain your business model to a wider audience by simplifying it. The whitepaper would also have illustrations where needed.

STEP 3: Marketing Collaterals

Having the right Marketing collaterals is necessary to boost the engagement with the marketing effort. Only a good sto development agency can offer an end-to-end solution. Designing these collaterals/design assets would require a skilled designer, content writer who understands the know-how your idea in order to depict them visually. Eventually, it should appeal to a larger audience and only then would the marketing effort be considered as a successful one.

STEP 4: Investor Targeting & Reach out

Time is of the essence for an STO. Instead of spending time, effort and cost targetting the wrong audience, we employ strategies to reach the right audience who would be interested in backing your idea. We reach out to interested investors through different mediums organic or paid, in order to gain their attention. Our team completely monitors these campaigns and constantly scrutinizes the traffic at every stage through growth hack tools.

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STO Token Distribution

There are different methods for issuing the Tokens to those who purchase from you on the dates the STO is held. If you already have a system that sends the tokens to the wallets of those who have purchased, then we'd include the tokens and configure it under that system, otherwise, we can configure it on our custom built STO Dashboard script specifically designed ease the whole token distribution process. The Custom ICO dashboard script enables you to accept payments through Paypal, Stripe, Bitcoins, Altcoins and bank transfer method. Once the payment is confirmed you have the option of verifying the payments manually and sending the tokens or the system can automatically send the tokens to the recipient.

Create your Security Tokens now! Get Started Right away

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Create your Security Tokens now! Get Started Right away

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Security token Offering (STO)?

Security token offering or Token offering is the process of issuing cryptocurrency tokens with a set monetary value to interested investors or backers. The STO process is said to be effective in raising funds for product or business idea. These tokens are distributed to interested buyers who would hold it for any period of time assuming the value may increase in the future.

Why should you hire an end-to-end STO development agency?

A meticulous STO development agency would take precautions at every stage of the STO development. It has a process in place for quality checks and feedbacks while planning & developing your STO. An end to end STO development company would take care of the whole process of creating the tokens till marketing and hosting the ICO event.

What are the criteria for choosing an STO development agency to promote your STO?

While choosing an STO development company to promote your STO, you would need to make sure that they have a sizeable team that comprises of various experts in their domain, for example, an illustrator who can help you make marketing collaterals like banners, ad units, explainers, infographics. A content writer who would craftily create content for various mediums like blogs, press releases, forums, in-depth explainers and textual content for videos. A videographer who would make promo videos for your ICO and finally a Growth hacker who would perform experiments to pull in traffic through various channels, create the clout around your ICO event and promote the token across various places. The ICO marketing services they offer should help your token grab the investor's attention.

What are some of the key service offerings of an STO development agency?

The sto development agency you plan to employ should have a clearcut strategy, milestone-based deliverables, STO whitepaper, PR outreach, Press release distribution, minimum coverage on crypto sites, listing on STO benchmarking and tracking sites, community engagement and moderation, social media promotions and management for your Token.

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STO development agency
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STO development agency
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STO development agency
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STO development agency
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Download our powerful STO Dashboard Software

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Download our powerful STO Dashboard Software

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STO Development
STO Development
STO Development
STO Development
STO Development

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