Security Token Exchange
Ready-made STO Exchange Software to launch your Security Token Exchange instantly. Liquidity. P2P. SEC Compliant. Powerful Admin Panel for you to List and Manage STO’s
Security Token Exchange
API Layer
Robust API layer for integrating any number Security Tokens easily. From experience of taking many STO’s live, we have made this layer simple enough to readily fit any STO built on any fork.
Fully Customizable
You get 100% source code. This powerful Security Token Exchange STO software is built on a easy to customise architecture.
Regulations Compliant
Unlike ICO’s, a Security Token Exchange needs to be 100% compliant to regulatory frameworks. This incredible Software has extreme KYC/ AML verification. Has FortKnox Security in place.
Admin Panel
A secure and powerful Admin Panel for you to manage the entire Security Token Exchange. From Settings, User Management to Token deposit, verification etc. has every module required to enable list and manage STO’s seamlessly.
Android / IOS Apps
This powerful Equity Token Exchange Software comes with a sleek Android and IOS app as well. The Mobile apps perfectly in sync with the web Security Token Exchange Software
Liquidity Management
This Security Token Exchange script Comes with a plug and play module to easily connect your exchange with other Equity Token Exchange’s. This will enable easy flow of liquidity across exchanges and get your order books filled and busy in seconds.
OTC Exchange option
This amazing Security Token Exchange Software also comes with an Over-the-counter exchange option. You can also directly involve institutional investors by allow them to Buy and Sell Equity Tokens over the counter.
Cold Wallet Storage
Running a Security Token Exchange needs very careful backup plan for the Equity Tokens ( to make it hacker proof ). This incredible Exchange script has separate Cold wallet modules that makes this a reality.
Taxation Module
It would be very essential for your investors to submit their Asset holding details for audit and taxation purpose. This security Token Exchange Software comes with a sophisticated Taxation module for your investors.

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Security Token Exchange Script Details

Version 1.3
Date Created 06/12/2018
Last Updated 20/12/2018
Php Version 7
MySQL Version 8
HTML Version 5
Bootstrap Version 4.0.0.alpha2
Layout Fixed, Fluid, Responsive
Compitability All Major Browsers
Security Token Exchange Security Token Exchange Security Token Exchange Security Token Exchange Security Token Exchange

Thanks to the cutting edge Blockchain technology, we have cryptocurrency. As the name suggests, this cryptography based currency is emerging in full swing as the alternative to FIAT money. Using this concept of decentralised cryptocurrency, there are 2 types of tokens that have raised:

(1) Utility Tokens:
These type of tokes are used for creating Initial Coin Offerings ( ICO ) for raising funds. These tokens does not equate to a share in the company, but can be used to facilitate a particular event, transaction or value in the operations of the company. Eg: ETH is used to reward miners a fee for lending resources to exeute smart contracts.

(2) Security Tokens or Equity Tokens:
These Tokens are also Crypto based, but it differs from normal Utility Tokens. These tokens are very similar to the shares you hold in the normal securities market. Each token constitutes a security or share of a company. These tokens will need to abide to all the compliance enforced by regulatory bodies like SEC etc. It follows the process and lifecycle of any normal stock ( Dividend, Local regulations etc. )

A Security Token Exchange or an Equity Token Exchange is a special type of exchange that hosts only Security Tokens. Any asset you purchase here is not a normal utility token, but a share of the issuing company.

Our Security Token Trading Platform Development Process

We follow a well defined process for our security exchange platform development. Before starting to develop any new feature in this STO Trading Script, we always take the time to study the market's needs and requirements.


After we understand the real business need, we'll go to the drawing board and design a ground-breaking User Experience that can be fitted into the product.


With the design in place, it's time for the heavy lifting platform development work done by our skilled and enthusiastic software developers.


Testing can take a very short or a very long time, depending on the complexity of the feature and it's importance in the business flow.

Security Token Exchange Software
Security Token Exchange Software
Security Token Exchange Software
Security Token Exchange Software

In The Press

" You guys appear to be expanding your development team. Was that triggered by the explosive volume in crypto-trading we've seen?"
" Ask not which Digital Currency Will Be the Next. Ask which Exchange will be the next. Every country becomes bullish in this erupting sector."
" Blockchain proves to be the most promising technology to look into. Companies dealing with Blockchain development ready to pay top dollar for talent."
"As millions of users folk towards the Cryptocurrency rush, Exchanges give a keen eye on employing technologies that scale tremendously."
Well thought through security exchange platform development
Fort Knox Secure
This powerful Equity Token Exchange software is built by Blockchain experts. Follows some of the best coding practices. Incorporates Z level security protocols in every stage.
Installation manual
This Security Token Exchange script is well documented and supported, you're never going to be stuck.
100% Source Code
You get 100% source code of this Security Token Exchange Software, to customise at your will. Add/ Edit any feature easily.
High Performance
Done by experts, this Security token Exchange software is engineered for high performance. It has been tested to perform very good for upto 40,000 parallel transactions!
Equity Token Exchange
Aim to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.
STO’s are the future. This Security Token Exchange script puts you in the Future!
Equity Token Exchange
Plug & Play
Using the API layer, this Super Secure Equity Token Exchange Software can be easily accommodate any security token.
Supported Browsers
Security Token Exchange
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