LocalBitcoins Clone Script
Start a local Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange. Enable users to buy-sell cryptocurrency locally. 100+ payment options!
LocalBitcoins clone script
Dispute Management
Comes with a sophisticated multi-party Dispute management system. Every Transaction also goes through an ESCROW process.
Fully Customizable
You get 100% source code for the Backend, IOS App and Android App. You can add/ edit any feature. Add your own token / coin etc.
The script has built-in multi-channel revenue opportunities for the admin. They can choose to use it or turn it off.
Admin Panel
The entire site can be controlled through a modern admin panel that is slick and gives you the winning edge.

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LocalBitcoins Clone Script Details

Version 1.0
Date Created 30/03/2019
Last Updated 20/04/2019
Php Version 7
MySQL Version 8
Crypto Supported BTC
HTML Version 5
Bootstrap Version 4.0.0.alpha2
Layout Fixed, Fluid, Responsive
Compitability All Major Browsers
over the counter exchange script over the counter exchange script over the counter exchange script
over the counter exchange script over the counter exchange script


What is LocalBitcoins Clone script?

LocalBitcoins is a popular Bitcoins marketplace that allows users to post ads/requests to buy or sell bitcoins. A user who wants to purchase bitcoins can post a request mentioning the amount of cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) they need and the price they are willing to pay for a unit of that cryptocurrency and can choose whether to buy from people nearby or from anyone on the internet without geographical limitations.

Using this LocalBitcoins clone script, anyone who wants to start a cryptocurrency business with the same business model can purchase this clone script and get started right away. It has all the necessary ingredients built into it for running a successful localbitcoins like business.

Think of it like Craigslist meets Binance. This incredible script solves the cryptocurrency Exchange with the power and look and feel of a classified portal. It also comes with robust and sleek mobile apps ( IOS and Android ). The Apps are equipped with powerful Location detection and tagging capabilities.

So I've heard about LocalBitcoins, Why is it such a big thing?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are driving the masses crazy and in the next couple of years, startups and Corporates are slowly modifying their business models and technology to accept cryptocurrencies. Some of the interesting ideas that use cryptocurrencies are already available to consumers, for example, revolut, a blockchain powered money transfer app that lets users send and receive money across the border using cryptocurrency and a blockchain powered crowdfunding platform that allows futuristic ideas to get funded easily.

Likewise, Localbitcoins is revolutionizing the way people trade cryptocurrencies locally and removes the barrier in the buy and sell process. It has a great feedback mechanism and dispute resolution process that makes trading on the platform trustworthy and easy. Taking cues from all of this and with a little bit of creative engineering, we've built the LocalBitcoins clone script from scratch to contain all the great features and monetization models to keep the Admin's cash register (read as Crypto Wallet) ringing! at all times. There are some additional features that we believe even Localbitcoins doesn't have, we've built that too. :)

Moreover, LocalBitcoins allows transacting with Bitcoins. With this script, you can fill a huge void by offering trading options for other cryptocurrencies as well. (That's something we're still building). There's a HUGE POTENTIAL.

So, Now you have the tools and the means to do the business. The only question you need to ask yourself is, Are you ready?

How does the LocalBitcoins clone script work?

Once you have successfully set up the script on your server, you're all set to start the business.
For someone willing to Sell their bitcoins:
Step 1: They would have to register on the platform and then fill in their details on the profile.
Step 2: While they created an account, a wallet would have been generated on the platform. Which acts like an escrow on the platform. They should maintain sufficient cryptocurrency balance that covers Selling quantity + Service fee in their wallet.
Step 3: To sell on the platform, they would need to post a Sell Ad. Before they can post this request the system checks if they have enough balance and then lets them proceed with the request.
Step 4: Once a user has added the sell request AD, a notification is sent to all the buyers near to the seller or to everyone who has chosen to buy from anywhere.
Step 5: Interested buyers can view the selling request and get in touch with the seller to purchase the BTC either in person or through online money transfer (depends on the option seller has opted)
Step 6: The seller would have the option to accept or reject the Buy request.
Step 7: Once the seller receives the payment from the buyer, he can mark the transaction as complete and the Bitcoin is transferred to the user.

For someone willing to Buy bitcoins on the localbitcoins platform:
Step 1: To buy, the buyer would have to create a profile and then would have to search for a suitable seller based on their location, rating, pricing, and payment options offered.
Step 2: After they have chosen the seller, they can get in touch with them and place a buying request.
Step 3: The seller would also look at the buyer's profile and choose to accept and reject the buy request.
Step 4: Once accepted, they would make the payment through the option the seller has provided and notify that the payment was along with the proof of payment.
Step 5: After the seller has also notified that they received the payment, the BTC is transferred from the seller's wallet to the user's wallet.

For the Site administrator:
The admin panel gives the site administrator an effective way to manage all the transactions on the site, further the script has a powerful Dispute Management system that can help verify the claims and resolve a dispute between the buyer and seller.

Monetization Opportunities

Posting a Request: For every Buy or sell ad posted on the platform, the site administrator receive a commission (the percentage can be set on the admin panel)

Banner AD Monetization:

Once the traffic starts rolling in, each page on your site would bring in revenue. You can embed AD banners from Crypto Ad networks across the site. This is a standard revenue model that a lot of sites depend on. Crypto advertising networks offer attractive conversion rates for impressions and clicks (better than Google's networks).

Transaction fee: For every successful transaction sending from the site's wallet to an external wallet, you can charge a transaction fee.

More Monetization Opportunities coming up:
As we find newer revenue channels, we keep adding it to the script. Because we believe that no business should rely on one source of revenue.

What are the features of the LocalBitcoins clone script?
Local Bitcoins clone script is feature packed for starting your cryptocurrency business right away!

Escrow Wallet
The sophisticated inbuilt wallet doubles up as cryptocurrency storage and an Escrow while the transaction is in progress. There's one master wallet for the platform and all the users who signup get an individual virtual wallet under it. Once a transaction is in progress, the user cannot move the funds to another wallet on the platform or out of the platform.

KYC Verification
The Localbitcoins clone script has a 5 star KYC verification process. Where a user would have to upload the document, verify their phone number, photo and email.

Proximity Match
Match your trade request with people within a specified radius or with anyone who wants to trade regardless of the distance.

GDPR Compliant
You can now display a mandated GDPR message to the user on the site.

Dispute Management
The industry's undisputed Dispute management system at your disposal!

Feedback and review Mechanism
Users can provide feedback once a transaction is completed and an overall score is calculated based on a few other parameters like a response rate, feedback post the transaction, profile completeness. Transparency is key to winning the trust of the users and it makes the platform safe to use.

Slick UI
Due to the data optimized layout, the pages load faster. This makes the overall experience on the site smooth for your users. It's 2019 and no one likes slow sites.

Private messaging
Users can contact each other before placing a buy/sell request. This allows them to be sure if they want to go ahead or not.

Well, detailed reporting and analytics suite is built into the Localbitcoins clone script. You could even take weekly reports to see how you are performing as a business.

Native Apps
Comes with apps for android and iOS respectively to complete the experience and make it comfortable to transact on the platform.

and many other key features built into the dashboard of the user and admin panel. Experience the demo, take it for a spin.

LocalBitcoins Clone script to start a crypto buy/sell business locally!
The next generation cryptocurrency business that adds values to those who hold cryptocurrency and want to trade, locally.
Installation manual
This Localbitcons script is well documented and supported, you're never going to be stuck.
100% Source Code
You get 100% un-encrypted source code, to customize at your will. Add/ Edit any feature easily.
Regular Updates
We keep the script spiffy and even if there is an issue related to the functioning of the product, we will fix and update the users.
LocalBitcoins clone script
To WIN: Think Global. Act Local
This incredible script will build you a hyperlocal business that scales globally in no time!
over the counter exchange script
Plug & Play
Using the API layer, you can quickly build new, scalable features in a short span of time.
Developed by BitExchange
Supported Browsers
over the counter exchange script
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