Atomic Swaps
Enable your Cryptocurrency Exchange Script to be truly decentralized
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Lightning Fast
Lightning Network enables faster transactions than a regular cryptocurrency transaction
Iron Clad fool proof security for transactions by employing SMART CONTRACTS.
Only if all the conditions specified in the smart contracts are satisfied on both sides, the transaction goes through.
Makes your Exchange built on BitExchange, decentralized.

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Feature Details

Version 1.1
Date Created 09/02/2018
Last Updated 15/02/2018
Lightning Network Yes
Smart Contracts Yes
BitExchange Version 1.6+
Decentralized Yes
Addon Feature Yes

What is an Atomic Swap?

In terms of Cryptocurrency, the transaction of two different cryptocurrencies between two parties is made possible by atomic swap feature. These two parties may have their wallets (accounts) on different blockchains altogether and yet are able to go through with the transaction. This is also called Atomic cross-chain trading.

How does a swap transaction Work?

For a transaction to go through, a protocol known as smart contract is established. This smart contract has a set of rules that confirms the authenticity of the transaction on both the sides and has two outcomes, either all the terms mentioned in the smart contract are verified and the transaction is executed successfully or it is found invalid and the transaction is terminated.

What makes Atomic Swap an Interesting feature?

Usually there are three parties involved in a transaction, the sender, the mediator and the recipient. Due to the decentralized nature of atomic swaps, there is no mediator / middleman. The transactions now involve only two parties and the authentication & transactions are executed by the smart contracts through the distributed blockchain network. These transactions are safe and secure .

What is a lightning network?

To make the transactions happen instantly between blockchains, lightning network is used. A lightning network offers privacy, security and low trading fees. This is the future.

What is a Smart Contract?

Smart Contracts are self-executing contracts that take care of the entire verification, transfer and updation process in the blockchain network.

You can read up more about How atomic swap works HERE.

Add the Atomic Swap Feature to your Cryptocurrency Exchange.
Instant Transfer
Faster transactions increases trust and improves customer base.
Well documented and supported, you're never going to be stuck.
100% Source Code
You get 100% unencrypted source code, to customize at your will.
Feature of tomorrow, available now.
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Experience The Future Of Transaction.
Win your customer's trust phenomenally, with the atomic swap feature.
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Add this amazing Feature to your Cryptocurrency Exchange.
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