Start a Blockchain powered CrowdFunding Platform. Let Investors fund Projects using your ICO Tokens.
Blockchain CrowdFunding Software
Your ICO Tokens
Investors BUY your ICO Tokens to Fund Projects they support. No Better way to sell out your ICO Tokens. Your Tokens start gaining real value.
Automated Revenue
Every time an investor buys your Tokens, Transfers them to respective projects etc. your Smart Contract gets executed. Every time your contract is executed, you make money.
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Fully Customisable
You get 100% source code. This powerful Blockchain powered CrowdFunding software is built on an easy to customise architecture.
Admin Panel
Comes with a powerful and secure Admin Panel to manage the entire CrowdFunding Script. Users, Listings, Earnings, Commission Configuration etc. can be done from one point. View screenshots

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Blockchain Powered Crowd Funding Software Details

Version 1.2
Date Created 14/08/2018
Last Updated 20/08/2018
React Native Version Latest
PHP Version 7.2
MySQL Version 5.7
Layout Fixed, Fluid, Responsive
Compitability All Major Browsers
Blockchain CrowdFunding Software Blockchain CrowdFunding Software Blockchain CrowdFunding Software

First lets start with how normal Crowd Funding sites like KickStarter works:

In a Nutshell Crowd Funding sites are Marketplaces that connect Innovative Entrepreneurs with Investors of all kinds ( here investors are not just the Professional investors. Any common man is an investor ).

It all starts when an Entrepreneur comes up with a Brilliant idea of a project, but does not have the money to kick start it. He goes to Crowd Funding sites like Indigogo etc. and posts all the information about his idea. He also mentions how much of funding he would require to get his project completed. The twist here is, instead of giving equity to each person who funds… he promises to give each one a piece of his finished product. For Example, if the Project proposed is a Smart Watch, the person funding will get one watch upon completion of the project ( Check this project HERE )

Normal people like You and me browse through each project and fund the ones we like. Why? Because we get one of the finished products ( which would cost higher once its for sale ), and also gives us a good feel that we have helped someone achieve his goal.

Now getting back to how our Cryptocurrency powered Crowd Funding Script works: Everything works in the same manner like how a normal Crowd Funding platform works, but just for how the funding is done. When an investor has decided to fund a project, instead of directly paying money > He first purchases equivalent amount of your ICO Tokens. Then he Transfers those tokens to the project he wants to fund ( all this happens seamlessly in a fraction of a second ). Next, the Entrepreneurs who received the Tokens can either hold the tokens or liquidate them to convert them to Fiat Money. They will obviously do the later. Once they raise a request to convert, either you can buy them back and give money to the Entrepreneurs -or- sell it to other investors who want to purchase tokens to funding other projects.

Remember: Each time a transaction happens ie. Tokens get transferred from one person to other, a Smart Contract is getting executed. And each time your Smart Contract gets executed > Certain amount of ETH needs to be paid for Gas. And all this ETH gets transferred to your Wallet.

And What else Happens? 3 remarkable things happen:

How do you Make Money using this Blockchain powered CrowdFunding Software?

For better understanding: We recommend you to first read the details in the above para, and then read these money making points:

Top 4 Reasons to buy this Blockchain powered CrowdFunding Script:

Become a great online Influencer. Sell your ICO Tokens seamlessly!
Installation manual
This Blockchain powered Crowd Funding Script is well documented and supported, you're never going to be stuck.
Admin Panel
This powerful Crowd Funding Script comes with a secure Admin Panel to control the platform end-to-end. You can set the Token BUY/ SELL rates, Transaction commission etc. here.
100% Source Code
You get 100% un-encrypted source code of this Crowd Funding Script. Customise at your will, Add/ Edit any feature easily.
Token Distribution
As more and more people start using your platform to discover and fund projects, your tokens get distributed seamlessly. Soon, your tokens will start gaining a lot of value.
Blockchain CrowdFunding Software
Formula To Create Tremendous Wealth Is, Help Others to Make Money For You!
This Ready-made Crowd Funding Marketplace connects Entrepreneurs with the Funds they require.
Blockchain CrowdFunding Software
This Business Ready CrowdFunding Software is crafted with precision to help you hit the road running.
Developed by BitExchange
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Blockchain CrowdFunding Software
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